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So you use your crock pot slow cooker pot almost everyday to cook the family members meal but have
you ever attempted making desserts with your crock
pot? Most people think of meat and vegetable dishes once they think of crock pot
cooking but the truth is this handy cooking
gadget can also be fantastic for creating a wide selection of delightful desserts.

If you've in no way tried producing a dessert in your crock
pot, here are a couple of easy recipes to acquire you started.
These recipes require a 3 ½ qt. crock pot.

Crock Pot... Cheesecake?

This one's positive to be an enormous hit with all the complete family - Yummy Cheesecake produced in your crock

Very first, you'll require a cheesecake pan - a heat resistant pan that's oval or round and fits into your crock pot.

To make the Crust:

Crumble graham crackers till you've got 1 cup of graham
cracker crumbs. You'll be able to do that by putting graham crackers into
a sealable bag and pounding them with all the side of a meat hammer, or by "smooshing"
the crumbs with your fingers. Pour into the cheesecake
pan with two T brown sugar and 3T melted butter. Stir and press the mixture onto the bottom and sides of the pan.

Making use of a hand mixer, mix together:

16 oz. of cream cheese (rectangular package) - Make certain the cream cheese is soft by
leaving it out in the refrigerator to get a although just before utilizing.

¾ C of sugar
two big eggs (area temperature)
¼ C of heavy cream
1T flour

Pour in to the crust.
Add ½ cup to 1 full cup of water in to the
bottom of the Crock Pot (what matters right here is the fact that the water doesn't come up more than the edge of the cheesecake pan).

Place the pan (with the cheesecake mixture in it) in to the Crock
Cover and cook for around 21/2 hours. Turn off the Crock Pot and let stand for a single hour, then put the cheesecake in to
the refrigerator for an additional two hours just before serving.


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